Hello. I am Will Martin. I am 17 years old, I am an actor, a writer, a friend, a romantic, a intellectual, a creative guy, and kind of a rapper. (not really but still its fun) Anyway this blog is dedicated to my writings. My work are my most prized possessions and may be explicit. I do not care how offensive you think it is, I will not censor my work. If you have anything too say, (positive or negative) I will be happy to read and answer. Let me know under the "whats on your mind link"
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The hall with many doors

Song birds fly around the flags
Haunting thoughts come and go
With the crows
Tides travel high and low
Green eyes continue to haunt the snow

Stuck in the hall with endless doors
Leading to unknown locations
Mirrors surround the beautiful chair
The buffalo revives a dare
To smash the reflections

Upon the shattering of the glass
Cold winds freeze the doors
Unable to turn the handles
The beauty that the chair turns black

Once filled with many entrances 
the endless hall
Becomes an uncertain hell
And beasts from all over the world  become instinct

By: thewriter19


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