Hello. I am Will Martin. I am 17 years old, I am an actor, a writer, a friend, a romantic, a intellectual, a creative guy, and kind of a rapper. (not really but still its fun) Anyway this blog is dedicated to my writings. My work are my most prized possessions and may be explicit. I do not care how offensive you think it is, I will not censor my work. If you have anything too say, (positive or negative) I will be happy to read and answer. Let me know under the "whats on your mind link"
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writingforyourlove-deactivated2 said: Hey there, I'm Celine, and you liked one of my poems. I thank you for that :) I always check out people's blogs who like my stuff so I decided to check out yours and all I can say is wow! You write so well! I love it! :) I hope you have a nice night

Hi Celine, I am will. Thank you so much I love people reading what I have to say. Your poem was also flawless. Thank you, for checking out my page and I hope u have a nice night also. :D

cryptic-symphony said: WOW!!! Your writing is awesome!!! It's so much meaning in it!!! And I love your style of writing!

Thank you so much. Hearing from people like you is one of the many reasons why I write.

Girl from my mind (my future wife)

Sadness sets with the sun
Powerful cold sorrow controlled
But my emotions move with the breeze
And Ripple with the ocean

So many emotions give these eyes power
Sour sweets
A victorious defeat
Rebirth from death
Freezing heat

The colors of the sky reflects your eyes
The girl I haven’t met yet…
You are so perfect and ideal
But unfortunately just a picture in my head

Like the colors there also are the clouds
Block the picture I paint within
With the dark reality…
You are someone who I probably will never meet
But hope will always remain in my heart
That I can have a fresh start

So many blues, and Reds
In this sunset
Highs and lows
F’s and A’s

You all come and go, with the sun and the moon
The sky at this time doesn’t reflect my past
But my future
The one that I truly want
But nowhere near meeting

She is out their, somewhere waiting for me
Probably just as lost as I
Staring at the same sun, wondering about her one
That she cannot find

Now I am talking to you directly
Dear God make us meet already 
I want her to project my reality,
And not just be an image
In my head

A new shade makes itself ready
The orange that we will be
So happy and in synch
Opposite and the same

She is magnificent and wonderful
A woman who is never blinded
Darkness will be clear from her heart
As I stare into the sun
The beauty stuns my eyes
Like her ability to never tell lies

This dying Sadness will finally fully leave
And my heart will finally have a place
To call home

But for now, she’s an image of my mind
Hopefully this one will be on my side

With time
By: thewriter19

Phoenix (destroying bridges)

So many broken songs
Karma and anger resumes its judgement
Upon the unbelievers
The woman who cannot see
What Grey is meant to be

All the tears shed by God above
Excusing the wrong enemy’s for shooting down the doves
Even though
The real enemy’s are the policemen wearing plastic gloves

Abel and Grey
Work together this one time
Thousands wonder in awe
Which bird extends its claw

Gnawing at the bars
Bricks pile up one by one
Until the songs resume its ring
And poetry returns to its previous strong hold

Terrified of the fear of the bridges
Snitches work together with bitches
Preaching a message that is full of bullshit
Abel tells them they are wrong

Grey owns them symbolically
Abel beets them kindly
Brutal fruits
Rewinding blindly

So the dream team
Destroys these horrific  bridges  
That connect the bad and the hypocritical 
Thousands of cars fly down that connector 
Not understanding that the path over the ocean dooms all

The two wizards of good and justice
 Don’t make a single hesitation when asked to preform the task
Ignite the worst kind of evil on the earth

The Horrific people who abuses there power
The evil fucks who are labeled as heroes
But have a heart of a zero

Sometimes the bridge keepers are leaders
Others are the appointed to protect the innocent
But instead terrorize the common man

The last kind of person who deserves to be destroyed is…
The one who thinks he stands above the bridge
But crosses it daily on his way to school
All those times that he locked his beliefs away
Trying to act cool
Those actions turned me plain

And yet, by admitting I am I sinner
I arise from the ashes of the falling bridge
Being so much more then a winner
And that causes these horrific hinges
Too finally degrade and die

Come on Abel

Be reborn from the ashes

Fly like the phoenix. 

That exists


By: thewriter19


The army blinds the victims,
Another day passes by
Shattering words curse the worst
Saturn cries with tears in her eyes

Oceans of change wash away the shadows
Hurry up and dive in the ocean
Let go of the peaceful commotion

Note taking, creates heart breaking
Palms and knees are shaking in the sky,
While the ocean remains the same

Just washing…
And over
Until the beauty of the simple peaceful tree
Presents herself to me

By: thewriter19

Unfortunate (rescue from his mistake)

Words that flow,
Emotions behind ever single syllable.
silence cuts
The hero unfortunately tastes the apple
 And his previous mistakes catch up with him

A curse or another verse
First you gotta learn
Halls with many shattering mirrors
Can anyone really hear her

Unfortunate situations
She’s lost and cannot be found
Tears or regret stream down her face
She prays to be saved

Fighting through 6 different enemy’s
The grey wolf finds his lover
Saves her from the anguish
Love affects them like no other

By: thewriter19

Arise (Finding my trueself)

So many days, grey gets changed
Eyes that are scared with blood
Mud spreads to the darkest depths
And glory resumes to unfold

So many voices try to change the earth
Old ways are no longer relevant
The new person that i am living through is wrong

The tigers just come and go
Like the sun and the snow
Kindness is the only thing left tonight
Please don’t give up the fight

I miss my home, but my outside appearance refuses to show it
Never take hope and gloat to others
Like the sun sets ever day
Good is temporary

Everything in the world is shown in a balance
No one can really see
Because the world is blinded by greed

Why cut down trees?
Don’t you know that I am a poet
The world praises the evil
And rejects the kind hearted
Don’t you know how many people you offend when you say “retarded”

Sure sometimes when I get angry I cuss in my rhymes
And others I confuse with symbols
Or direct my message with emotions

The earth shakes when you double take
The most painful sound is the burning silence
A lack of anything right
En-flaming the sky with lies

Time to wake up will…

Arise from this down time
And make your words never die

By: thewriter19

More writings coming after thursday

I have so much homework…

The hall with many doors

Song birds fly around the flags
Haunting thoughts come and go
With the crows
Tides travel high and low
Green eyes continue to haunt the snow

Stuck in the hall with endless doors
Leading to unknown locations
Mirrors surround the beautiful chair
The buffalo revives a dare
To smash the reflections

Upon the shattering of the glass
Cold winds freeze the doors
Unable to turn the handles
The beauty that the chair turns black

Once filled with many entrances 
the endless hall
Becomes an uncertain hell
And beasts from all over the world  become instinct

By: thewriter19

Dysfunctional disputing

Words of Dysfunctional disputing 
I was a source of anger but now all I want is peace
Piercing bullets wail around me 
Out of the destruction comes one positive
My brother finally is back

Emotions pour out like a tea cup
Spouting faster then a waterfall
Don’t you know you are my all

Calling out for any help around me
No person hears me
Reach for the sky
Wishing I would die

Sometimes, help comes in sources you never expect
Reelect relief for your soul
More substances smoked
Keep on pouring more of the moon

Topless girls are images in my dreams
Reflections in the sky shows who I need
But the Army above is so evil
Love  is nowhere to be seen

Screams and yells echo through out the halls
No longer allowed to leave
Prison bars tear my soul
Fucking yelling spirits

Black circles the spirit of grey
He is stuck in a state of fear
Nearby, he waits for tears

A kid? What you say!
I no longer show any respect
For your insane brains
Too many people fighting
Kites do not fly, anymore
Fuck it, my brother is lost
My mother is no longer a must

Sorry family I do not trust you people anymore
Anger rushes in my fingertips
Too many people sip poison
Drink up the despair
I don’t really care
Too many frail body’s crumble
Mountains tumble

this chase will not continue anymore
Sick of the hurt and the curses
Pissed at the dysfunctional disputing
This is just fucking abuse
I cannot fucking choose this anymore
Too much Dysfunctional disputing.
By: thewriter19